Resources for Teaching Writing

Many people teach INTD 105, not all of them with a background in teaching writing. This page provides links to documents that may help instructors, both experienced and inexperienced with INTD 105, decide what to teach or how to do it. This collection is curated by the coordinators and friends of INTD 105, i.e., the links presented here have been selected to provide a range of high-quality information about writing and teaching it, and each is accompanied by a brief description of the kinds of information it leads to. We consciously try to keep the number of links on the page low, to help visitors find useful information quickly and efficiently. To some extent the page mirrors the structure and topics of They Say, I Say, although it departs from that organization where the book doesn't cover certain topics or doesn't identify them as distinct entities.

Anyone interested enough in writing to visit this page counts as a "friend" of INTD 105, so please make suggestions about other links that should be here, links that should be removed, or anything else that you think will make the page more helpful. Please send suggestions or comments to Doug Baldwin.

Thanks to Doug Baldwin for building the first version of this page, Rob Doggett for suggesting it, and Maria Lima for helping with the non-native English speakers section.