I find it interesting that through all of this discussion on Alice in Wonderland remakes and perspectives, we haven't talked about the recent movie Alice in Wonderland starring Johnny Depp. I think this newer movie brings up a lot of questions abourt Alice's perspective because they put Alice back in Wonderland when she is around the same age we are now (probably around ten years older than the original Alice). This being the third time she goes, she does not remember the the first two times whatsoever. I think this would be an excellent example on perspective because now that she has fully matured, it seems that society has drilled in her head that this kind of imagination is wrong. Much like as we grow older, at a certain point Gary the imaginary friend becomes creepy and our parents start to tell us he was never there in the first place. Even in the Trailer , you can see certain aspects of Alice's time in Wonderland when she was 7, like the tea party and shrinking in size. Does maturity, or even society, force us as individuals to change our perspective in order to make our world make sense?