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Geneseo has provided "personal web sites" on it's Apache web server to individuals and organizations.  These sites are sometimes referred to as tilde sites due to the "~" character in the URL.  This policy addresses acceptable uses of personal web pages by students, faculty, and staff on the Geneseo campus web server ( Personal web pages are web files (e.g. *.html, *.css, *.js, *.php) accessible via a personal web account URL (e.g.,

Geneseo's technology direction for web sites is moving away from the use of personal Apache web sites in favor of other technologies which give the campus increased security and reduced maintenance costs.  In addition to proper usage of personal web sites, this policy will also specify situations when personal web sites will or will not be provided as well as the alternative technologies being made available to the campus community.


In the past, Geneseo supported web pages exclusively via personal web accounts on the campus's production web server. The pages in those spaces were accessed via "~" URLS (e.g. or via Virtual URLs which were mapped to the tilde URLs (e.g. Files were maintained manually via tools such as DreamWeaver and FTP. The files were stored within a file space (i.e. public_html folder) associated with an account.

These type of personal web page accounts have been used by students, faculty, staff, departments, and organizations to create their web pages.

New tools and technologies such as Web Content Management Systems (e.g. Drupal) and Wikis have become available to support the development of web pages in a more secure and efficient manner. Personal web spaces are no longer the recommended alternative for the campus. We are currently supporting personal web spaces for existing accounts and for exceptions where warranted. It is our campus goal to eliminate the use of most personal web sites by 2013.

This policy provides:


Geneseo Web Hosting Solutions:

The following web hosting solutions are available to the campus community:

It should be noted that many excellent free web hosting alternatives are available to campus community members.  Computing and Information Technology is always willing to help provide ideas and guidance to help you get started. 

Personal Web Page Policies:

The following policies apply to personal web sites. The people responsible for personal web site accounts must abide by these policies and contact CIT when exceptions are required. Account owners should notify CIT for each specific policy exception that is required for their account:


Paul Jackson
Assistant Director for Information Systems, Computing & Information Technology

Sue Chichester
CIO & Director, Computing & Information Technology

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Last Updated: 1/6/2009

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