This policy applies to all websites hosted on the SUNY Geneseo website. It is the shared responsibility of Computing and Information Technology (CIT) and the Digital Communications Manager (DCM) to maintain and enforce this policy. Any comments regarding the policy, or notices of non-compliance of policy, should be directed to the DCM at or 585-245-5535.

Website Categories

This policy recognizes the following categories of websites:

(warning) This policy is currently a "work in progress". We have not yet provided policy specific to every website category. 

Website Services

The services available to each website category are specified in the Website Services Policy.

Sponsored Websites

Sponsored websites are those hosted by the College in cooperation with organizations for which the College is represented. Sponsored websites help promote the College’s mission and web visibility. The sponsored organization is solely responsible for the content of such pages.

The College strongly recommends that these organizations consider utilizing third party web hosting options. There are many free or inexpensive hosting options that provide excellent service and support and provide better solutions for the majority of these organizations.

Sponsored websites must be affiliated with the University through staff or faculty representation. The organization requesting hosting services must be a non-profit entity that conforms to the College’s Mission.  Hosting requests for sponsored sites should be submitted to CIT in writing (South Hall 119, 1 College Circle, Geneseo, NY 14454). The request must to be approved by the department Chair or Director, and authorized by the appropriate vice president. Final approval is given by the DCM.

Sponsored websites are required to display the following disclaimer:
“This website is the responsibility of the author(s). The views and opinions expressed herein do not necessarily state or reflect those of SUNY Geneseo. Further, SUNY Geneseo does not warrant or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any information presented in this website.”

Sponsored websites may not contain the College's seal.

Sponsored websites may not contain commercial endorsements or advertisements. However, sponsored websites must contain a small copy of the SUNY Geneseo Logo, linked to on the sponsored site's home page.  The logo should be accompanied by the following text: “This site is sponsored by <name-of-sponsoring-department>”.

All sponsored websites must contain the following information on the site's homepage or be listed on a separate page that is linked to the homepage:

Sponsored websites are restricted to the use of "static" web file types such as HTML, SHTML, CSS, images, PDFs and other similar files. Dynamic web programming languages such as PHP will not be allow without explicit written approval from CIT.


Paul Jackson
Assistant Director for Information Systems, Computing & Information Technology

Sue Chichester
CIO and Director, Computing & Information Technology

Effective Date: October 2010
Last Updated: March 2016

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