This page provides information about your Geneseo student account.

Your Account at Geneseo

An account at Geneseo gives you access to your Google email, calendar and drive,, online class resources (Canvas), and printing services. Accounts remain active for as long as you're a registered student at Geneseo. 

Your Geneseo account has a username and email address associated with it.  Example:

Your Geneseo Password

CIT has combined most Geneseo services (eg. Google, myGeneseo, Canvas, printing, eduroam wireless) to utilize the same email address and password.

Your G# 

Every Geneseo student is assigned a student ID that we refer to as the "G#". It begins with a G and end in an 8 digit number (e.g. G00123456). Your G# has an initial PIN associated with it that will let you sign-into the KnightWeb student information system. You only need to sign in using your G# and PIN once to set up your Geneseo account. Once your Geneseo account has been set up, you will be able to login to KnightWeb and all other Geneseo resources using your Geneseo username and password.

When is my account created?

When your new Geneseo account is created, you will receive an automated email sent to the address you provided when applying to Geneseo. That message will provide instructions on setting up your new account.

How do I access my account?

New Students - Setting Up Your Geneseo Account provides step by step instructions to access and setup you Geneseo account.

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