This guide shares information about Geneseo resources for faculty located in the Canvas Commons. You can use Commons to search for and import content into your Canvas courses. You can also share resources to Commons from your Canvas courses.

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Geneseo Resources in the Commons

Resource NameTypeDescriptionResourceLinkCreated by
Geneseo Basic ShellCourseThis content is a starting point for Geneseo faculty. Be sure to personalize this page before publishing the course by clicking the edit button above. Please contact the Instructional Design Team at if you would like course design assistance.Geneseo Basic Shell
About our course modalityPageTemplate page for a course Welcome module. Modify or delete the template language in italics below according to your circumstances and your own course policies.About Our Course ModalityPaul Schacht

Syllabus Resources Related to COVID-19 at SUNY Geneseo

PageSyllabus statements specific to COVID-19 context for 2020-21AYSyllabus Resources Related to COVID-19 at SUNY GeneseoJoe Cope
Student Success Resources at SUNY GeneseoPageDescriptions of campus resources that may be shared as part of syllabus language or elsewhere in a Canvas courseStudent Success Resources at SUNY GeneseoJoe Cope

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