Zoom basic is available to all Geneseo accounts.

Zoom Plans

All geneseo.edu users have a basic Zoom subscription. The main limitations of a basic zoom account are:

Business plans add these features:

for details and full feature list of zoom plans please see zoom.us/plans

We have a very limited number of Business accounts that we are using for remote interviews as part of college searches, large cross-functional meetings such as WIG, Cabinet, and the College Senate. To request a Zoom license please submit a request, we will review the need and see if we can accommodate your request. We recommend Google Hangouts Meet for most meetings.

Zoom tips

Most of our recent interactions with colleagues and students have been through our computer screen. The news and our social media feeds are full of warnings about “Zoom-bombing”, referring to Zoom meetings. Unwanted guests can crash any event if we don’t follow these guidelines.



What happens if I paid for a subscription with my geneseo.edu account?

Once you sign in with your Geneseo.edu account you will have to join our domain and Zoom will refund the credit card the remaining balance of your zoom subscription. You may subscribe to Zoom with a non-Geneseo email address to purchase a pro plan. You can then change the email associated with your account to a personal email address. This will let you keep all your scheduled meetings. See this zoom article for more information.

What alternatives are there?

Google Hangouts Meet is great for department meetings and other multi-person meetings. You can easily add a Google Hangouts Meet to any meeting in google calendar with a few clicks. Google Hangouts supports participants up to 250, no meeting length limits, and provides dial-in numbers for all attendees.

For classes, we recommend Blackboard Collaborate within Canvas.

How can I change my Zoom background?

Change your virtual background: Show your Geneseo colors with one of these backgrounds.

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