Google hangout is a video conferencing service provided by google. You can add a video conference to an event in your google calendar as an easy way to provide access to video conferencing for your guests. 


A Google Hangouts Meet can be preplanned by creating a Google Calendar entry and adding a meet to event or ad-hoc by visiting and signing in with your Geneseo account.


Adding a Google Hangout Meet to a New Event 

  1. Access your google calendar by going to
  2. Click on Create in the top left hand corner
  3. A popup should appear, add a title to the event, select the date and time, and add any guests necessary 
  4. Select Add rooms, location, or conferencing
  5. Select Add conferencing from the expanded list 
  6. Google will automatically create a Hangouts Meet for you and your guests to access when needed 
  7. Select Save 

Accessing a Google Hangout From Your Google Calendar 

  1. Select the associated event from your google calendar 
  2. Select Join Hangouts Meet
  3. A new tab will open 
  4. Select Join Now 
  5. You will now be in the video conference

Creating a ad-hoc Google Hangouts Meet

  1. Visit and login with your Geneseo username and password
  2. Click on Join or start a meeting
  3. Enter in a meeting name or leave it blank then click Continue
  4. You may need to allow access to your camera and microphone if using a web browser
  5. At this point you can turn off your microphone or camera before clicking the Join now button to begin the meeting
  6. Once you have joined the meeting you have the opportunity to Add people to the meeting or copy the meeting info to share via other methods

More Information

Google provides a variety of Hangouts Meet training and help articles

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