The information on this page applies only to college managed devices. If you are on a personally owned computer please visit Software at Geneseo

CIT Self Service is an application, installed during the initial setup of your Mac, that provides a centralized location where you can install additional software, perform vital operating system upgrades, improve the security of your computer, and more.

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  1. You can open CIT Self Service any time from your Applications folder:
    1. When you open CIT Self Service, you will land on the Featured  tab which shows optional software packages, operating system upgrades, and more that you can install on your computer. These options can sometimes vary by department. Please submit a request to have additional software be made available via CIT Self Service in your department.
  2. Additional software installs and configurations can be found on the different tabs in the left-hand sidebar. CIT will continue to add convenient self-service installers to this application over time. 

You may see an "Install" button for software that has previously been installed on your computer. This is expected behavior; the software is still on your machine, and clicking "Install" in CIT Self Service will only update the software to the latest version.

Operating system upgrades will always require a machine restart.

While there is a "Log In" button on the application window, none of the self service options in the application require that you log in.

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