Virtual Private Networking (VPN) is available to the campus community. After establishing a connection to the internet, a user may set up VPN on their home machine to securely connect to the Geneseo network. This connection allows the user to access files on Geneseo machines and to browse the network just as if they were using a computer in any office or lab on campus.

The following list is a sample of Geneseo services and systems that require a VPN connection from off campus:

We do not recommend that users launch a VPN connection and do all their work over the VPN connection. Connect to VPN for services you need and then disconnect when you are finished. You will be much happier with your internet performance this way.

While SUNY Geneseo is pleased to be able to provide this service, please realize that it is the policy of the college to not support any home computers. CIT will attempt to provide on this web page suggestions and hints which we have experienced that may assist you when configuring your personal computer to use the VPN service. Thank you for your understanding.

VPN Client Configuration

VPN will not work while connected to the "Geneseo Guest" wireless network.

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