This document is a collection of Frequently Asked Questions related to WordPress sites hosted at Geneseo.

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Before You Start

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Adding Additional Users to your WP Site cv

  1. Ask the Geneseo user to log in to your WP site using the "Sign in with CAS" button at your site's login page. If your site is at, the user should log in to They will receive a permission error, which is expected. This step is necessary to create the user authorization request.
  2. In your WordPress site dashboard, select Users and then Add Existing.
  3. Enter the user's Geneseo email address and select the role you would like them to have.
  4. The user will receive an email with a link they must click to confirm their role in your site.
  5. External email accounts must be created by CIT. Please submit a JIRA ticket for assistance.


How often will WordPress and plug-in updates be applied?

WP will be patched monthly, unless we are aware of a critical security vulnerability.

Can I use my own domain? e.g.


Oops! I screwed up one of my pages. Can you restore it to an earlier version?

The WordPress system backup is not site specific. We cannot recover individual pages. We are currently exploring backup plugins for individual sites.

Can site owners add external emails to be administrators or editors?

Yes. Please submit a JIRA ticket for assistance.

Will you install this great plugin I found?

We would be happy to explore if the plugin you found is compatible with our installation. A technical team comprised of CIT, Library, and Digital Communications staff review and approve plugin and theme requests. Please submit a JIRA ticket for assistance.

I would like to use this fantastic cat meme theme. Can I install it?

At this time, we are not adding additional themes. Please submit a JIRA ticket to discuss further.

Can you help me copy my external WordPress site to Geneseo hosting?

We are currently not able to offer assistance importing existing WordPress sites. 

It looks like I can add iframe content to my page, but when I save it the content disappears?

This is a known configuration restriction in place on our multi-site installation. As of summer 2019, we are exploring plug-in options that may permit editors to add iframe content.

What are my options for linking to my new blog from my web page?

  1. The simplest option is to add a link (e.g.
  2. Add HTML code to your Drupal page: 

    <p><iframe frameborder="0" height="600px" scrolling="yes" src="" title="The blog for Tesla House living community" width="100%"></iframe></p>

    The url within the scr="____" section can be changed to whatever page you want. The height and weight options can be adjusted by pixel size or percentage size to fit the page. Providing a title and including frameborder="0" are necessary for accessibility issues.

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