The Learning Environments Resource Team (LERT) was established in Fall 2017 and its purpose is to identify and address issues and needs for learning environments. The LERT supports the College’s Strategic Plan 2021 (i.e. Focus Area 1, Objective 3, Items D and E; Focus Area 4, Objective 3, Item B). The scope of the team includes furnishings and technology for classrooms, labs and other specialized learning spaces, seminar rooms, and informal learning spaces. Members of the LERT include Rico Johnson, Sue Chichester, and Laurie Fox.

One of our first tasks, in October, was to survey the faculty on their teaching spaces. T his survey was unique for us in the way we administered it. Faculty received a survey invitation for each classroom they teach in. 712 surveys were sent and 252 responses (35%) were received. From the responses, we focused this year on addressing issues brought to our attention through the survey.

$214,265 was spent on improvements to 61 classrooms.


  • 23 additional portable whiteboards added in 6 buildings

    • Brodie 201, 214

    • Fraser 103, 104, 114, 116

    • Newton 206, 213

    • Sturges 8, 103, 106, 114, 221, 223

    • Wads 21

    • Welles 115, 119, 134

  • Bailey Hall whiteboard rehab in 10 classroom

    • Bailey 102, 103, 104, 202, 203, 204

    • Bailey 101, 105, 201, 205 (pending installation)


  • 4 classrooms updated with flexible student seating, 150 total seats, 27 faculty from 7 departments will be teaching in these rooms this Fall

    • Fraser 119 (40)

    • Newton 206 (35)

    • Sturges 8 (35)

    • Welles 115 (40)

  • 5 classrooms updated with improved student seating (replaced shabby and broken furniture with redistribution of existing furniture), 137 total seats

    • Brodie 202 - chairs (12)

    • Fraser 116 - tables & chairs (36)

    • Fraser 213 - tables & some chairs (34)

    • Sturges 14 - chairs (25)

    • Welles 210 - chairs (30)

  • 9 classrooms updated with a new teaching station

    • Fraser 116

    • Fraser 119

    • Newton 206

    • Sturges 8

    • Sturges 108

    • Sturges 221

    • Wadsworth 21

    • Welles 115

    • Welles 216

  • 5 classrooms updated with an accessible student desk and chair

    • Fraser 119

    • Newton 206

    • Sturges 8

    • Welles 115

    • Welles 216

  • 8 accessible student desks and chairs available by request to meet needs


  • 40 classrooms updated with HDMI (digital video) support

  • Piloted a less expensive document camera solution

  • 12 classrooms updated with a document camera

  • Piloted upright power poles in 2 ISC labs

  • 16 classrooms updated projector

Informal Learning Spaces

  • 127 additional informal learning seats in 7 buildings

    • Brodie Student commons (174) - tables & chairs (33)

    • Brodie Student commons (174) - mediascape (5)

    • Niagara Hall Main Lounge - tables & chairs (12)

    • Niagara Hall Main Lounge - mediascape (5)

    • Niagara Hall 243 - tables & chairs (8)

    • Onondaga Hall “Iroquois Room” - tables & chairs (8)

    • South Hall first floor - comfy chairs (6)

    • Sturges Staircase - tables & chairs (12)

    • Sturges First Floor Lounge (110) - tables & chairs (6)

    • Wadsworth Basement - tables & chairs (8)

    • Welles Basement - tables & chairs (12)

    • Welles 2nd Floor Hallway - tables & chairs (12)

Miscellaneous Improvements

  • Redistributed matching furniture to classrooms with newer furniture where old furniture was added to provide more student seating

  • Removed broken furniture from classrooms and other learning spaces

  • Leveraged Milne Library renovation to redistribute existing Library furniture

The LERT will be administering their second survey of faculty in October 2018. We will also be surveying students enrolled in classrooms with upgraded furniture.

CIT has begun the phase out of VHS players on campus. Manufacturers stopped making new units a few years ago. As we do our regular cycle of replacing classroom equipment, we are not replacing VHS capability. VHS tapes themselves are deteriorating and in addition existing equipment cannot be repaired once broken.

Beginning with the Fall 2018 semester, faculty should expect to use digital media in their courses (DVD or streaming content). If you need assistance finding content in acceptable formats (or alternate similar content), please reach out to Milne Library Collection Management, your subject librarian, or explore Films on Demand (

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Edited 12/8/17: For conversion of archival tapes that cannot be purchased on DVD, faculty are directed to use a duplication company such as A1 Video Awareness located in Rochester.

Welcome - Fall 2016


We are excited to welcome all faculty and students back look forward to a great academic year! It has been a busy summer for CIT and I’d like to share some of the many things we have been working on. Our CIT HelpDesk is located on the main floor of Milne Library where our staff and student assistants are available to help as you whenever Milne is open. Also you can visit to access self-help, search our solutions database or submit a support request.



Don’t Take the Bait! Phishing
We are at the time of year that malicious attackers think we are a most vulnerable prey. Be aware and don’t take the bait! Never provide credit card information, social security numbers, passwords, or other sensitive information over the phone, through email or a web site to an unknown source. Please use caution and beware of these scams. CIT will NEVER ask you for your username and password through an email.

New Learning Management System
Canvas will replace myCourses (Angel) as Geneseo’s Learning Management System (LMS) beginning summer 2016. Canvas is a 21st century LMS that has hundreds of intuitive features for faculty to engage students and enrich the learning experience. This fall, 32 faculty are teaching 46 courses with 979 students using Canvas. All faculty and staff will have the opportunity to attend training this semester and teach with Canvas in Spring 2017. Canvas will completely replace Angel in summer 2017.

Office 365
Geneseo has licensed access to Office 365 for Faculty, Staff, and Students. This allows you to use your Geneseo login to gain access to Microsoft Office on up to five computers (college or personally owned) and all your mobile devices. Please see our self-help for all the details.

One Button Studio
Geneseo’s “One Button Studio” (OBS), South Hall 344, is now online! Not just a clever name, users of the OBS can get all the, LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION! needed to record themselves and others with just the press of a single button and a USB flash drive. The One Button Studio in open to all Faculty, Staff and Students using your Geneseo ID card access. If you’d like to learn more or get a tour of the facilities, contact CIT’s Joe Dolce ( 
Geneseo students, faculty and staff have FREE access to the entire training library (over 7,500 courses, and more are added every week) through Geneseo's site license. To access, visit, click log in, select Organization Login option, then enter in the organization URL box. Click Go. Enter your Geneseo username and password then click the Sign In button. For additional help, visit Accessing and Ideas for Using

CIT upgraded over 800 of our oldest wireless access points across campus to 802.11ac for faster and more reliable networking. New wireless access points can service more clients and provide better coverage. Our new wireless network was put to the test last weekend as students returned. We are experiencing several issues and are working closely with our vendor to solve them.

CIT worked in conjunction with College Communications this summer to develop the newly redesigned Geneseo website. This project included a new version of the Drupal content management system. If you encounter a problem with a Geneseo web page that needs to be fixed you can submit an issue via  If you are a website editor needing assistance or training you can call the CIT Help Desk to speak with the web team.

Classroom Upgrades
Projectors were upgraded in about 35 classrooms this summer. An initial group of ten classrooms had HDMI connectors installed to support newer laptops – more to come. Sturges 221 underwent a mini-renovation and a document camera and SmartBoard were added to the room.

Community Technology
CIT consulted on the new educational space at the new Humphrey Nature Center at Letchworth State Park. We provided expertise in networking and classroom technologies. If you need a break, take a trip out to Letchworth’s new nature center.




Sue Chichester
Chief Information Officer& Director, CIT
SUNY Geneseo
email:     phone: 585-245-5577

The HelpDesk 3D printing service is no longer being offered.

For 3D Printing Services refer to this document: 3D Printing Instructions

Have you ever wanted to have your own 3D printed object, without having to spend thousands of dollars on the printer, plastic filaments, and software?

Now you can!

Go to: and use the 'Print in 3D' option under "3. Services" to submit a 3D printed file or link to a file online and we will print it for you. 

Printing costs are 4 cents per gram with a 50 cent flat fee and all charges will be deducted from your printer balance.

Prints can be picked up at the CIT HelpDesk in Milne Library. 

If you are interested in learning more about 3D printing in general and want to design your own prints stop by the 3D printing lab in the Geneseo Experimental Lab, South Hall 341.


CIT is pleased to announce the newest and best way to request help from us - the CIT Service Desk. The CIT Service Desk takes all the various forms and methods for requesting assistance and centralizes them all in one easy to use website.

Not to sure about this big change? Don't worry, we have an Requesting CIT Help: JIRA Service Desk video - take a few minutes to watch! 

Calling the HelpDesk and sending an email to are still available, but we hope you will consider using our service desk web portal the next time you need to request help from CIT. You will also find that all the old forms on our website have been replaced with links to the the Service Desk.

Please let us know what you think about our new service desk using our feedback form.

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