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  • 'Infamous daughter of an infamous mother' he said to me.
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The quoted part of the excerpt "Infamous daughter of an infamous mother" has two instances of repetition. The first being the reuse of the word "Infamous", once at the beginning and once at the end. This adds physical symmetry through the appearance of the same word twice. It also adds rhythmical symmetry as "Infamous mother" and "infamous daughter" both have five syllables. This repetition is used as if to suggest that the two women are similar. The usage of the word "daughter" and "mother" therefore becomes repetitive through the inclusion of the same descriptors. The man's words are not "daughter of a mother", but "infamous daughter of an infamous mother," highlighting an assumed cyclic nature to infamy in the descendants. This is an argument that can be connected to the wider text as it is often questioned as to whether Antoinette's eventual insanity is at fault of heredity or of society.

The ending portion "he said to me" adds another layer to this argument. When viewing this excerpt on larger contextual terms, Antoinette is speaking of these memories at her most insane. She lacks the ability to keep a fluid thought and her narration has become sporadic. The fact that she remembers a time when someone suggested that she would eventually become insane like her mother suggests that these words have been deeply internalized. Her bringing up this memory at this time relates to the prior mentioned argument of the roots of her insanity. It suggests that Antoinette has been a victim of the negative presumptions that people made about her due to her mother's behaviors, contributing to her own eventual insanity.  

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