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  • February 21, 2014 Instructors' Meeting
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INTD 105 Instructors’ Get-Together

Spring 2014

(Notes by Doug Baldwin and Maria Lima)

This "workshop" was actually an informal get-together in which INTD 105 coordinators and instructors shared ideas about the course over wine and hors d'oeuvres (with considerable thanks to the Provost's Office and the Big Tree Inn). A number of interesting ideas surfaced, including...

Requirements for All INTD 105 Sections

Is it possible to require all INTD 105 sections to do certain things?

Things that people at the gathering would like to require included

  • Use of They Say, I Say
  • Peer editing and multiple drafts of essays
  • A rubric for grading writing

Unfortunately, the coordinators can encourage instructors to do certain things, but not mandate them on our own. For example, we encourage use of They Say, I Say by pushing its merits at instructors' workshops and making it easy for instructors to get a copy, but instructors who choose not to use it aren't forced to. It is true that some things are required of all INTD 105 sections (e.g., general learning outcomes) through the senate-approved course description, and we could theoretically add new requirements by getting a revised course description approved by senate. But it's not clear that there is a mechanism for enforcing even those requirements.

Note that we do have a rubric for grading that instructors are welcome to use, either verbatim or with modifications.

Hiring INTD 105 Instructors

Is it possible to bring more uniformity to how departments hire people to teach INTD 105, particularly when hiring new adjuncts? Could some sort of permanent job description or hiring guidelines be created for these positions? Could there be some sort of required orientation for new hires? Could such orientation at least be provided by having department chairs emphasize that meeting with an INTD 105 coordinator is the first duty for every new INTD 105 instructor?

The coordinators will pursue these ideas with department chairs.

High-Impact Practices

Is it possible to identify and promote things that increase effectiveness of INTD 105 instruction? For example, could there be

  • A model syllabus that instructors could use as a starting point for section planning? (Note that many actual syllabi are already available)
  • A mentoring program for new instructors and/or an opportunity to co-design sections with experienced instructors?
  • Links to a few good online resources on the theory and practice of teaching writing?
  • Videos of short talks or panels at our own workshops made available for later review online?

Many of these would be natural extensions to this INTD 105 wiki space. The coordinators will investigate ways of implementing them.

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