These settings have not been tested with all Chrome OS models or versions of operating system's. Please contact the CIT HelpDesk at 585-245-5588 if you have any questions.


If this is your first time connecting to network:

  • On Desktop, click on the WiFi bottom right icon -> Wireless & Networks -> Wi-Fi settings and then select eduroam.
  • Now select and input the following settings:
    • EAP method -> PEAP
    • Phase 2 authentication -> MSCHAPV2
    • Server CA Certificate -> Do not check
    • Identity -> Place your geneseo email address here
    • Password -> your Geneseo password
    • Anonymous identity -> (leave blank)

If unable to connect:

  •  On Desktop, enter Settings (bottom right icon) -> WI-FI Network -> Preferred Networks -> Click on network to forget previous settings -> Repeat the steps above

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