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Self Help - Encrypted Wireless Network (Chrome OS)

Using the Geneseo secure wireless network has many advantages. All of your network traffic is encrypted and therefore protected from easily being captured by those around you. You also will not have to authenticate every time you use the wireless network. These directions will help you setup your Chrome OS Device to access Geneseo's secure wireless network. These settings have not been tested with all Chrome OS models or versions of operating system's. Please contact the CIT HelpDesk at 585-245-5588 if you have any questions.

Configuring secure wireless network on Chrome OS

If this is your first time connecting to network:

  • On Desktop, click on the WiFi bottom right icon -> Wireless & Networks -> Wi-Fi settings and then select SUNY Geneseo or eduroam.
  • Now select and input the following settings:
    • EAP method -> PEAP
    • Phase 2 authentication -> MSCHAPV2
    • CA Certificate -> Do not change
    • User Certificate -> Do not change
    • Identity -> Place your username here. For SUNY Geneseo your username includes only the account name, ie. abc0. For eduroam, your username is your entire email address, ie.
    • Password -> your Geneseo password
    • Anonymous identity -> (leave blank)

If unable to connect:

  •  On Desktop, enter Settings (bottom right icon) -> WI-FI Network -> Preferred Networks -> Click on network to forget previous settings -> Repeat the steps above

More Help
For questions about connecting to the encrypted wireless network or other computer related problems, contact the CIT HelpDesk. Bring your computer to Milne Library, send email to or call 585-245-5588.

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