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Campus email users are well on their way to moving to Gmail, but we still have many accounts to opt-in before the April 1, 2013 deadline. Reminders to our customers will be delivered today, encouraging account holders to complete the opt-in process.

To opt-in to Gmail@Geneseo, follow the directions at Opt-in to Gmail@Geneseo Email Delivery

Gmail@Geneseo takes advantage of Gmail’s gigabytes of storage, highly effective spam filtering and powerful search while still retaining an address. Through the college's partnership with Google, our users have access to Google Apps Education Edition. All services are hosted by Google and are available to users via any internet-connected computer and many mobile devices. In addition to Gmail, Google Apps includes:

  • Google Calendar – allows easy coordination of work or class schedules, meetings and events online;
  • Google Talk – supports free PC-to-PC voice calls and instant messaging; and
  • Google Drive (Docs) – allows users to create and collaborate on documents and spreadsheets in real-time.

When users opt-in to their Gmail@Geneseo account, they will no longer receive email via their old Geneseo mail account (webmail); however, they may still log in and view Webmail until September 15, 2013. They can also batch transfer existing Geneseo mail messages into their Gmail@Geneseo account. Options and instructions are available on the Opt-in page.

Training is available to assist with setting up your Google Apps @ Geneseo and Gmail service. Visit Gmail@Geneseo Training  for details. More information is also available on the Google Apps Self Help site, Google Suite at Geneseo . For additional questions, please call the CIT Help Desk at (585) 245-5588. 

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