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What is Next?

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  1. Unknown User (cjs3)

    Hi Renée,

    I really like where you're going with the film industry and how that market is trying to adapt to our burgeoning digital world.  The ancillary markets associated with the industry are going to go through the most change as we have already seen with movie rentals.  That's something to keep an eye on and would be really interesting to read as a Storify article.  I hope you continue with that and cut out the eBook part, with it you're spreading your Storify too thin.  You might want to consider talking about online distribution of any cinematic medium (possibly includes video games).  I'm sure wherever you go with it will be fascinating.

  2. Unknown User (keh22)

    I think a really cool aspect of this problem, and why it will be different for the film industry than it has been for the music industry, is the constantly evolving technology of film. This is still a huge money-maker. If you have any doubt about that just take a look at James Cameron-- making millions of dollars releasing a 15-year-old movie that everyone has seen, and probably many people have pirated copies of; yet, somehow the introduction of 3D somehow has enticed consumers all over again. But, if home theater technology catches up with cinema technology, as it appears it might, there will be little reason left for anyone to actually go to the movie theater!

  3. Unknown User (res9)

    Hi Renée,

    I like the direction you're going in. We are in a world of possibilities. For the music industry, artists may be hurt by the amount of illegal downloading that goes on. However in the film industry, producers can benefit with the digitized world we now live in. I found this link that talks about a new kind of marketing that takes place via a mobile app, generating a larger audience than they could have ever found before.

    This is a new kind of integration that could never have occurred in the pre-smartphone world. It is creating a new relationship  between consumers and producers on so many levels. I thought providing light to this may add another angle to your paper, or if not at least to your perspective. Hope it helps!

  4. Unknown User (kem26)

    As I'm reading the storify articles a lot of them seem to nicely complement each other. For instance, I saw some links between yours and Sarah's regarding e-books and publishing. In fact the problems with e-book pricing and the controversy over publishers, etc., could have some bearing on the film industry increasingly becoming more digital. What I wonder is, how will this change effect pricing, distribution, advertising, etc. Mainly I was curious how the price of digital content compares generally to physical copies, and if there are predictions such prices will change in the future.

  5. Renée - This topic is certainly worth exploring at length. I'd like to see your Storify become less open-ended: "What's next?" is a very big question. I'd also like to see you find an issue in this story on which you can take a position, and to see you develop that position persuasively.