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So I am one of four kids and my older twin brothers (and both their wives) randomly decided that they were.... to cool? sophisticated?....for facebook and got rid of it about a year ago.  My sister and I joke that they are just getting old and don't know how to let loose anymore.  Anyway, my sister send all us siblings this article.  Its nothing we haven't talked about in class, but it's mildly funny...

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  1. Unknown User (mam34)

    Loved this quote: "So, don't be that grouch in 2011 who misses out on connecting with the rest of the world because you'd rather sound like a 21st century rebel; some sort of obnoxious pseudo-Thoreau, whose Walden is just an empty computer and a lonely life."

    That's exactly what I was thinking when we had our discussions about Thoreau and "modern" friendships.