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An npr radio broadcast, kind of says it all already.

My specific problem:

YDSTIE: Well, first of all, let's just make sure we're on the same page here. Your indictment is, again, what's probably called Web 2.0, which includes things like YouTube, MySpace, Wikipedia and Google. Overall, just give us a brief description of the problem you have with this interactive version of the Web.

Mr. KEEN: My problem is that it fundamentally undermines the authority of mainstream media. We think two things going on simultaneously, the rise of the user-generated content, which is unreliable enough and corrupt, and a crisis in professional journalism, professional recorded music, newspapers, radio stations, television and publishing. And that is the core of our culture.

Can I just... "lulz"? Since when is professional journalism ALWAYS reliable and pure? Since when are radio stations and newspapers and professionally recorded musical artists not biased and sometimes incorrect?

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