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All the pages related to our departmental discussion of revising the English major are now subsidiary to this page. If you're more interested in the present state of play than in the process that got us to it, you'll want to begin with the last bulleted item below, the page titled UCC and Senate.

List of pages

Guide to pages

  • The Curriculum Charrette page is the main page for our January 12, 2011 charrette. A few people left comments on this page. This is where you'll find Graham's long comment on the importance of language.
  • The Charrette Results page contains the Policy Committee's effort to summarize the events of January 12. There are two long comments on this page, one from Beth and one from Ken Cooper.
  • The page titled Draft Plan for the Major is where Policy worked on a revision plan. The original version of this page is what was submitted to the provost on February 1 as the "state of thought" on Policy. Small changes to the page were made after that time. Although no longer editable, the page remains viewable as a record of the committee's work and departmental response to it.
  • The English Major - General Discussion is a discussion forum that went fairly quickly but is nevertheless worth consulting. You can continue posting to it if you like.
  • Proposal for a New English Major contains the completed proposal brought to the English department by the Policy Committee on April 13, 2011, and passed by the department by a vote of 14-2.
  • Curriculum Innovation 2011-12 contains documents related to the work of four task forces funded by a curriculum innovation grant from the provost.
  • Implementing the New Major contains a checklist of tasks to be accomplished in order to move the new major through the campus governance process, as well as links to draft plans from the Policy Committee for revised courses in the literature and creative writing tracks.
  • New Course and Program Proposals contains a checklist of courses that we plan to offer in the new major and attached course proposal forms, program proposal forms, and guide syllabi.
  • UCC and Senate brings together final versions of the program revision proposals for the English major (both tracks), English minor, English concentration for Education majors, Comparative Literature major, American Studies major and minor, and Film Studies minor, including a checklist of program proposal forms and links to these forms.

If you get lost navigating these pages, the best way to orient yourself is to use the navigation bar at left or the breadcrumbs at the top of the page. Clicking "Revising the English Major" will always bring you back here. In the left-navigation bar, remember that the "+" sign next to a page means that the page has children. Click the symbol to expand the menu and see the children.

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