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Understanding Faculty/Staff Accounts and Digital Resources

It is critical for new faculty & staff members to have an account with access to various online digital resources prior to the start of their courses. Some of those resources include:

  • Email – communicating with peers and students.
  • Knightweb – class rosters, communicating with students, submitting grades.
  • Canvas – Online tool used to aid and support classroom instruction. Course materials (syllabus, assignments, online exams, gradebook, class “chatroom” for communication with instructor or peers).
  • myGeneseo – Links to many resources (including “single sign-on”).
  • Network file and print resources – Printing, accessing departmental file resources, backing up personal computer.
  • Many others including: campus wiki (collaborative work), online book catalog (entering course book lists), etc.

Geneseo’s Process for Acquiring Digital Resources for Faculty/Staff

What needs to be done before CIT can create an employee account?

  1. Appointment form (GER) completed and submitted to HR.
  2. HR calls Employee to get SSN and DOB.
  3. Once HR has GER, SSN, and DOB the employee are then added into SUNY system. HR does these daily.
    1. Note: For CAS employees, CAS often enters HR information at the same time as they submit the account request. CAS does their own HR work.
  4. Accounts can be created 1-2 days business days after employee is added. We receive updates from SUNY HR nightly. (Sometimes it takes 2 days for the employee to show up in our feed depending on how late in the day things are entered).
  5. The hiring academic department notifies the Registrar’s office with the new faculty member’s teaching assignments.
    1. The Registrar’s office enters the employee as a faculty member in Banner, provides them with Knightweb access, and assigns them to courses.
    2. The Registrar’s office (Emily Cooper) provides the hiring academic department with the new faculty member’s Geneseo Id ("GID") and pin. The GID is used to log into Knightweb.
      1. NOTE: The communication piece back to the hiring academic department is fairly new. 
      2. Faculty should be advised to change their PIN when they first log in.

The hiring department must submit a faculty/staff account request. This can be done at the same time the Appointment form is submitted. CIT cannot create accounts without an Account Request Form being completed.

Visual Work Flow for Faculty Account Process

Typical Causes of Delay

  • Employee does not return the signed appointment letter promptly and/or the Employee Information Form is not complete.
  • Account request forms are submitted late.
  • Employee receives appointment letter late.
  • Employee does not respond to HR request for SSN and DOB.

Things You Can Do to Expedite the Process

  • Stress to employee importance of responding to HR request for SSN and DOB.
  • Submit account request forms to CIT early in the process.
  • Notify the Registrar’s office of teaching assignments as soon as they are confirmed.