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A new plugin has been added to Webmail that automatically places a "(Purge)" link next to the folder a user has defined as their Trash folder. Clicking the link will open a confirmation dialog to instantly delete all messages in the user's Trash folder.

To specify a folder for Trash, select the folder "Options" > "Folder Preferences". Additionally, a "(Purge)" link can be enabled for any folder in "Folders" > "Links That Empty Folders." This may be helpful if you have message filters defined in "Options" > "Mail Filters" that move certain incoming messages to a specific folder that can be periodically purged.

Users are required to confirm that they do indeed wish to delete all messages from the corresponding folder when they click "(Purge)". This safeguard should protect against accidental purges. Use caution while activating this powerful plugin - it can sometimes be too easy to click "OK" on popup dialog boxes.