Computers today get cluttered with more damaging data, junk, and extra files than ever. This results in poor performance, frequent system crashes, slow Internet connections and worse. Fortunately, there are some great tips that you can follow to fix things. 

Before making any changes - back up your computer!

  • Restart your computer periodically.
  • Beware of installing additional programs which may slow down your computer. Periodically get rid of old programs - remove unwanted and unused programs properly. If you're not sure of what a program is, don't touch it. Look it up in Google or ask the HelpDesk.
  • When you are using your computer, have open only the applications you need. (Be sure to QUIT the application, don't just click on the red button.)
  • Use light-weight applications to view .pdf files (e.g. Preview vs. Acrobat)
  • Leave at least 10% of your hard drive free.- Move large amounts of pictures or music onto a flash drive or external hard drive (if you don't need them on your computer).
  • Do all software updates weekly.
  • Clear the cache of your web browser and set it to keep minimum amount of cache - (1 MB)
  • Remove all toolbars and add-ons in web browsers (ie: Yahoo, etc.)
  • Run Disk Utility, found in the Utilities folder of your Application folder. Run both the Verify and Repair Permission steps.
  • If you have a MobileMe account, turn off iDisk syncing.
  • Add memory to your computer. (Our recommended vendor is
    Use caution before installing applications that claim to clean your registry or speed up your computer. Contact the CIT HelpDesk at 245-5588 for any additional questions.