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This is the SUNY Geneseo procedure for individual cellular phones. This policy applies to all persons that have been determined to need a cellular phone for business purposes.


Need Determination
To assist supervisors in determining the need for a cellular phone, consider the following questions:

  • Do the individual's responsibilities within the department include making critical day-to-day business decisions/guidance that require immediate and or continuous communication with others at the College or others working on the College's behalf?
  • Do the daily duties of this position require him/her to be frequently out of the office, in remote locations, or off campus and communication is essential to the business functions of the department?
  • Is the position expected to receive and return critical calls outside non-working hours?
  • Would a WIFI phone meet the employees need?
  • If a cellular phone is required, can a shared department phone be used?

Approval Requirement
Approvals must be obtained from your supervisor and the Provost or appropriate Divisional VP. Complete the Cellular Phone Allowance Request Form, secure the appropriate approvals, and submit to the Associate Vice President for Administration and Finance for processing.

Individual Allowance

  • Ownership and responsibility of a cellular phone and service plan resides with the employee. Employees may select any cellular provider. State employee discounts are available. Check with CIT Telephone Services for details.
  • A $25 monthly allowance will be paid through the state payroll system for as long as the employee's job responsibilities require cellular phone service. Employees requiring data or text messaging features will be reimbursed up to an additional $45. The cellular phone allowance is subject to income tax, but is not added to the employee's base salary.

Special Circumstances
Substantiated domestic and international business calls will be reimbursed via a State of NY Standard Voucher form submitted to the Travel Office.

Maintaining Your Allowance
Employees are required to annually submit a copy of their July cellular bill to the Associate Vice President for Administration and Finance, Doty Hall 325.

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Sue Chichester
CIO & Director, Computing & Information Technology


Effective Date: August 2007
Last Updated: January 2017