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This is the SUNY Geneseo procedures for department cellular phones. This procedure applies to all departments that have been determined to need a cellular phone for business purposes.


  • Complete the Department Cellular Phone Request Form, secure appropriate approvals, and submit materials to the Associate Vice President for Administration and Finance for processing.
  • Associate Vice President for Administration and Finance will notify CIT of the approvals and ability to move forward with requesting service and equipment.
  • Cellular service plans will be selected to meet department usage needs and are not to be used for non-business related calls. Abuse of departmental phones could led to disciplinary action.
  • Departments are required to maintain detailed call records and sign-out.
  • IRS rules dictate that phones are to be signed out on a rotating basis and for limited periods of time.
  • Employees should not store contact information on the phone, nor should the phone number be given out as a contact means for a specific individual.
  • Phones are to be secured within the department when not in use.
  • All equipment, monthly service, and extraneous charges will be applied to the monthly departmental telephone bill.

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Sue Chichester
CIO & Director, Computing & Information Technology


Effective Date: August 2007
Last Updated: January 2017