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Copyright is used to legally protect the work of a composer, a playwright, an author, an illustrator, etc for an extended amount of time. The use of copyright is important; however it does restrict other people from fixing and recreating something new out of something another person has copyright over. Lessigs video on free culture is interesting to say the least; he goes about trying to portray a message on copyright laws and their limitations on the public domain.  I agree with his views on free culture because I don't feel that copyrights should remain on a particular work forever because it takes away from new creativity that could potentially come out of those works.  Copyrights should most definitely exist but only for a fixed amount of time or at least not be as strict as they are.  Honestly, I think there would be fewer problems with people "stealing" copyright material if things weren't as easily accessible through other media, such as the internet.
It is so easy for people now and days to go online and download music, watch movies, and read full books that have copyright laws on them but when you're in the privacy of your own home what are the odds that you will get caught, slim to none.  Personally, I feel like people should be able to download music off the internet or copy movies, so long as it is for their own personal use and not to be distributed for a profit.  I don't think that all people would stop buying music cd's all together if it were legal for them to just download the music for free because a lot of the cd's coming out these days have other types of specials on them that people aren't able to just download off of the computer.
Disney Copyright Law:

 This is something I found on YouTube about copyright laws, it basically discusses what copyright laws are, fair use, and other aspects of the laws.  The video uses characters and scenes from numerous Disney movies to create a message for the audience.  There is one point in the video where is state's how copyright laws used to only last for about 14 years because culture believed that was a long enough period of time for someone to make money off of their work.  After that amount of time passes it would go out into the public domain where anyone can use that work without any cost to them.  However, copyright laws keep getting stricter, to the point where they could last forever, never to be a part of what we may know as FREE CULTURE.