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Truthfully, the content in this class was fairly difficult to grapple with.  All of the topics we discussed in class were issues I have gone over in some detail in other English classes I have taken over the years. I did however enjoy a few of the literature we have read in this class, including both of the Alice books as well as the genetically modified literature based on Alice.  I also enjoyed the novel and the film The Hours.  I was actually able to use the film The Hours for my final paper in my film class.  Since we had focused so much on the content in the movie and the novel it made my other project that much easier, plus I was able to kill two birds with one stone.
 I think the toughest part about this class was trying to come up with a creative way to express my thoughts and feelings towards the literature we have read in class through blogging.  It was not easy for me to analyze everything we have done in class without talking about what we already mentioned during our class discussion. The main purpose of this class is to discuss criticism and I am not a very critical or analytical person; honestly, I would rather just read or watch something and enjoy it for what it is without going in great depth to try and figure out the deeper meaning that the author or director is trying to convey.  I feel that the more people try to extrapolate deeper meaning out of what they read or watch the more out of touch they become with the actual style or narrative that is being expressed on the surface.
Other works we touched upon in this class were The Metaphors' We Live
By and The Abrams Glossary of Literary Terms, at some point throughout the semester we did try to incorporate these two pieces of literature through other pieces we have read but I couldn't help but not enjoy either of them.  The Abrams Glossary in particular was a waste of time for me to even attempt to read because even when I tried to I couldn't understand most of what I read, on top of that all it did was reference and refer the reader to other articles or written works that I have never read or even heard about. The Metaphors We Live By on the other hand was bit more helpful only because it provided insight on different ways of comparing items that also provided me with a topic to blog about.