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This page is for students in Dr. McEwen´s SPAN 302 course, taught at SUNY Geneseo Fall 2007. First LOG IN (top right-hand corner).  To annotate a word or phrase of the poem, click "Edit." Select the "Wiki Markup" tab, and put [square brackets] around the word or phrase. Click "Save." The word or phrase will now be a link. Click it and put your commentary in the page that comes up. Click "Save" and you're done. Your comments should follow the GUIA GENERAL PARA EL LECTOR, ASPECTOS FORMALES of your textbook.

[El mar sus millares de olas]
mece, divino.
Oyendo a los mares amantes,
mezo a mi niño.

El viento errabundo en la noche
mece los trigos.
Oyendo a los vientos amantes,
mezo a mi niño.

Dios padre sus miles de mundos
mece sin ruido.
[Sintiendo su mano en la sombra]
mezo a mi niño.