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Students are provided with up to $30 of free-of-charge printing during each semester to student access computing labs printers. This is equivalent to 300 black and white printed pages. Student printing balances will be charged 10 cents for each black and white page printed and 30 cents for each color page printed. Duplex pages receive a 25% discount (eg. 15 cents total for a 2-page document printed duplex). Large paper sizes (larger than A4 and up to 11x17) are charged 50% extra.

Printing account balances remaining at the end of the Fall semester will be carried over to the Spring semester.


A student has a $5.80 printing account balance at the end of the Fall semester. At the beginning of the Spring semester their printing account balance will be $35.80.

Printing account balances remaining at the end of the Spring semester will be carried over to the Summer. Students registered for a summer session will have $15 of free-of-charge balance added to their account.

Printing account balances remaining at the end of summer will NOT be carried over to fall. At the start of the Fall semester, all students will be reset to a $30 free-of-charge balance. Printing account balances are not refundable.

Increasing Printing Account Balance

When your balance reaches zero, or the cost of your print job is greater than your print balance, you will be unable to print to student access printers. Students can increase their printing account balance on the web at at with a credit card or by going to the Student Accounts Office, Erwin 103, Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm. The minimum increase is $5.

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Nik Varrone
Manager, Support Services, Computing & Information Technology

Sue Chichester
CIO and Director, Computing & Information Technology

Effective Date: March 2008
Last Updated: Sept 2018