Forum for Undergraduate Student Editors, Allentown, PA
Presenter; September 20XX

  • Collaborated with three other students to create a presentation on the similarities and differences of editing across different media platforms.· 
  • Presented for 15-minutes each to an audience of approximately 50 people.

The Effects of Binge Drinking on Sleep. The Journal of American Psychology. Vol. 44
Co-Author with Joe Smith and Jane Doe; 03/20XX

  • Published article about the effects of binge drinking on sleep to highlight the importance of responsible drinking.
  • Conducted anonymous survey of Geneseo student body via email to study how much alcohol students drink and how much sleep they get.
  • Analyzed results on Excel to understand correlation between alcohol and sleep.
  • Discovered that excessive alcohol use can hinder the hours of sleep by 15 percent.

James C. McCroskey and Virginia P. Richmond Undergraduate Scholars Conference, Burlington, VT
Presenter; Spring 20XX

  • Attended the Eastern Communication Association and presented 20-minute study.
  • Wrote 15-page paper on the effects of media violence on children.
  • Received a Top Paper Award.

Department of Psychology, SUNY Geneseo, Geneseo, NY            January 20XX- May 20XX
Research Assistant                                               

  • Focused on the implicit and explicit bias toward individuals with siblings.
  • Created campus-wide survey via Google Forms to gauge sibling relationships.
  • Analyzed data with Excel spreadsheet to understand results of study.
  • Involved in all phases of research including study concept, material design, and data collection/management/analysis.
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