This guide provides information for academic secretaries on setting up office hours in EAB Navigate. 

Faculty – Configure Office Hours for Upcoming Semester

It may be helpful for you to review the Academic Secretaries – Configure Office Hours on behalf of faculty guide. The most important section is to gather the office hours information from faculty:

Each time range (e.g. 11:00am - 12:00pm) requires a separate availability. We recommend planning what your office hours to help ensure you set up Navigate to accurately reflect when you are available for student drop-ins and appointments. For example:




Drop-In / Appointments

9:00am-10:00amTuesday, Thursdaymy officedrop-in / appointments

(warning) Default appointment length for office hours is 15 minutes. If you prefer a different length of time, contact and we will discuss using a Campaign (Create an Advising Campaign in Navigate).

Academic Secretaries – Configure Office Hours on behalf of faculty

  1. Log into EAB Navigate with your Geneseo credentials.
  2. Ensure the term selected in the upper right menu area is the current (or future) term
  3. Search for the faculty in the upper menu area (click on magnifying glass). Select their name from the drop down that appears.  
  4. Click on the Availabilities tab. (This is under the "Staff"--advisor--role, not the "Professor" role.)
  5. Click on the Triangle to the right of the word Actions and select Add Time
  6. For each day of Office Hour(s), add the following availability:
    1. Select the days and times when you the faculty is available to meet with students
    2. Select A Range of Dates for the advising appointments. 
    3. Check the box to add the availability to their personal availability link. This will make sharing office hours with students easy!
    4. Type of availability: Appointments and/or Drop-ins
    5. Care Unit: Office Hours
    6. Location: Virtual Meeting or Faculty Office
    7. Services: Class Office Hours
    8. URL: Leave blank.
    9. Special Instructions: Include information how to locate faculty office or link to Zoom meeting. Shared with the student upon making the appointment.
    10. Click Save
  7. Repeat step 5 for each different day of availability. Note that prior to the start of available dates your "availability" will be highlighted in pink. 

More Assistance

For assistance setting up office hours in Navigate or Zoom, please email

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