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How to remote into a Windows machine on-campus from a Windows device at home.

Are you connected to the VPN?

Make sure that you are connected to the Geneseo VPN before attempting this.

If you are not and have never been connected to the VPN before, follow the steps outlined in Windows Client Configuration to get connected to the VPN.


  1. Open up Remote Desktop Connection
    1. Look in the Windows Accessories folder in the Start Menu
  2. In the Computer: field type in <computername>
  3. Press the Connect button
  4. Once the connection starts, it will prompt for the Geneseo credentials. Enter your Geneseo username (GENESEO\<yourusernamehere>) and password
    1. The following screen might pop up:
    2. If you are prompted with this screen, click Yes
  5. You should now be connected to your Remote Windows Desktop


Where is Remote Desktop Connection?

Remote Desktop Connection is installed by default on Windows. You can find it by using the search on the taskbar. If you're using a macOS device, you'll want to follow the steps outlined in Remoting into a Desktop at Geneseo from Home (macOS) to connect to your Remote Desktop.

Don't Know Your Computer Name?

You can ask CIT to look up your computer name. You will need to have a general idea of what computer it is (i.e. the computer's location and/or model) for us to do so effectively.

You can save your connection information to make it easier to connect to the Remote Desktop in the future. This includes being able to save your username and password.

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More Help

For questions, contact the CIT HelpDesk by calling (585) 245-5588, or visiting our online service desk.