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You can create your own personalized "My Banner" menu in Banner Admin Pages using the GUAPMNU form. This can be helpful for forms you use all the time and also forms you use occasionally (e.g. once per semester) but have a hard time remembering.

Steps to Add Item(s) to My Banner Menu

  1. Open Banner by visiting the Banner link on or via
  2. Click the button for Banner 9.
  3. Open the "My Banner Maintenance" GUAPMNU form. 
    1. Click in the search box and enter the form name or "My Banner" to find and open the form.
  4. Make sure "Oracle Forms Module" is selected for the type. It should be selected by default.
  5. Click on the first object in the object type panel on the list to highlight the object. The Filter icon should become "active".
  6. Click the filter button and enter the name of the form you want to add in the object field and press go to filter the object type list and find your form.
  7. Click on the form in the object type panel and press the "Insert Selection" button to add it to your "My Banner" menu.
  8. Press the Save button to save the results (bottom right in footer).
  9. You will have to logout and log back in to see the new items in your "My Banner Menu". Your "My Banner" menu will appear when you activate the "menu icon"  on the ApplicationNavigator navigation menu. 

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