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Linking Top Hat and Canvas together gives you a ton of amazing features! Automagically sync grades, and keep your student roster up-to-date.

Before You Start

To ensure students do not have to pay for Top Hat, your course(s) must be added to our campus license by an administrator. Follow these instructions for each of your classes using Top Hat:

  • Create a TopHat account by signing up at
  • Create a TopHat course and sync your roster with Canvas. The TopHat / Canvas integration relies on Geneseo email address to match students between the two systems.
  • Send your TopHat course join code (e.g. 957491) and Course information (e.g. 202009-XLRN-110-01: Digital Fluency:Prod Tools) to Laurie Fox to ensure student access is free as part of our Geneseo license.

If your students accidentally pay for TopHat, we will not be able to facilitate a refund. Please be sure your courses are part of our campus licensing before inviting students or announcing TopHat to your classes.

Steps to Sync Your Roster

The steps to connect your course occur in the TopHat interface.

  1. View the list of courses in Top Hat. 
  2. Click on Settings for your course.
  3. Click on LMS Setup & Sync.
  4. Click on the "Enable LMS sync" button to sync your course for the first time.
    1. Click to authorize TopHat with Canvas
    2. Enter your Geneseo account credentials if prompted
    3. Verify your email address is correct, and Authorize the app
  5. Select the course you would like to link to in Canvas
    1. click on Next - Import Students
  6. Click the blue button to go to Student Manager.

After these steps, the current roster will be enrolled in your TopHat course. Students who already have TopHat accounts will be automatically enrolled. You can easily send invitations to students who do not have accounts. Follow the link below to review the documentation for Advanced Canvas Integration. If you have any questions, email or contact TopHat support directly at TopHat Support

More Help

For questions about Canvas, contact CIT via our online service desk or email Weekdays between 8am-4pm, you can also contact us via our real-time chat portal.

For tips, tricks, and updates on learning technologies at Geneseo, visit our Educational Technology ChatTo explore Canvas Guides (created by Instructure), visit