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Passwords are the first line of defense to protect yourself from unauthorized access to your accounts and devices. When selecting passwords, consider the following easy steps to securing your digital life.

Create Strong, Unique Passwords

Using a unique, strong password for each of your accounts is the best way to keep your accounts secure. The key to a strong password is length and complexity. Your passwords should be at least 8 characters long and difficult for someone to guess.

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Use a Password Management Application

We have all heard the advice to use a unique, complex passwords for each site we visit and service we use. This quickly leads to password overload - no one can memorize that many unique passwords! Password management applications are designed to take the pain out of managing and remembering all your passwords. Instead of remembering many passwords, you just need to remember the one password for your password manager (of course, it is extremely important that the one password for your password manager is unique, long, and complex.)

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Enable Multi-Factor Authentication

Enable multi-factor authentication for the accounts you want to protect the most. In addition to having a strong password, it will help ensure your accounts don't get hacked. It requires both "something you know" (a password) and "something you have" (a phone or hardware fob). After you enter your password, you'll get a prompt or code sent to your device, after you approve the prompt or enter the code you will get into your account.

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