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This workshop focused on getting feedback from attendees about the new research requirement, and on developing a rubric for assessing revision later this semester. In addition to the INTD 105 coordinators, three instructors and three librarians attended the workshop.

Research Requirement

Several instructors prepare students for the research paper through a progression of exercises and discussions, e.g., using early essays to practice identifying others' opinions, using quotations, etc.. One instructor assigns two research papers, one short and one longer.

One instructor reported that students wrote longer-than-expected research papers at the end of the course.

The librarians feel that instructors are scheduling library instruction later in the semester, presumably in conjunction with a specific assignment. In the past, they have noticed many instructors doing the library instruction too early in the semester to plausibly help with late-semester long papers.

There was a lot of discussion of blogs as sources for research papers. Some people feel that it is unrealistic to expect INTD 105 students to evaluate their credibility and so forbid them. Others do try to teach critical use of blogs. Julia Lowe shared a presentation she gives her section, and an exercise she uses to help students pose evaluative questions about blogs.

Assessing Revision

INTD 105 will do its periodic assessment this semester, in particular assessing students' use of revision in their writing processes. The coordinators shared a draft of a rubric for evaluating revision. After discussion and editing, participants reached a consensus on a (nearly) final version. After light editing post-workshop, the final rubric reads...

Students will demonstrate the ability to revise and improve their writing, as evidenced by the following:

Excellent:    Writer has improved the essay's argument and use of evidence, organization, grammar, and mechanics by responding to both the instructor's comments and to suggestions and feedback from peers.

Adequate:    Writer has improved the essay to address explicit
suggestions from others, but has not taken into consideration all available feedback.

Insufficient: Revision has not really been attempted or is ineffective
at addressing explicit suggestions from others.

It will also be shared with all instructors via email.

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