The HelpDesk 3D printing service is no longer being offered.

For 3D Printing Services refer to this document: 3D Printing Instructions

Have you ever wanted to have your own 3D printed object, without having to spend thousands of dollars on the printer, plastic filaments, and software?

Now you can!

Go to: and use the 'Print in 3D' option under "3. Services" to submit a 3D printed file or link to a file online and we will print it for you. 

Printing costs are 4 cents per gram with a 50 cent flat fee and all charges will be deducted from your printer balance.

Prints can be picked up at the CIT HelpDesk in Milne Library. 

If you are interested in learning more about 3D printing in general and want to design your own prints stop by the 3D printing lab in the Geneseo Experimental Lab, South Hall 341.


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