Brief Senate History, 1965-1997, notes significant events over those years.

Child pages list the history of Faculty Officers and the recent history of Senate Committee Chairs.

Attached spreadsheet lists history of selected committees of the Faculty and College (FPC, PLRC, SPG, and BPC; recommended to right-click and download, as Wiki Preview is quite poor)

Governing Documents Archive

The dates on these files represent when they were saved, which may or may not have any bearing on when amendments were made to the documents.  It is also apparent that the "As Amended" date in some documents is not accurate.

Some documents include formatting that indicates changes from a previous version.

File Comment

1973-07 Constitution.pdf

Includes Bylaws and Rules

1998-05-26 Constitution.pdf

Includes Bylaws and Rules.

2001 Constitution.doc

Includes Bylaws and Rules

2004-04-30 Constitution.docx

Includes Bylaws and Rules. Rescued from a web page in 2016. Contains amendments that were apparently lost afterwards.

2007-05-01 Constitution.doc

Includes Bylaws and Rules. Missing some 2004 amendments that appear in later versions.

2011-10-15 Constitution.docx

Constitution only, no Bylaws or Rules

2012-01-04 Constitution.html

Constitution only, no Bylaws or Rules

2013-06-04 ByLaws.html

Includes Standing Rules. No changes since 2007.

2013-06-04 Constitution.html

Constitution only, no Bylaws or Rules

2014-04 Bylaws.html


2014-04 Standing Rules.html


2016-04 Bylaws.html


2016-04 Constitution.html


2016-04 Rules.html


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