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Questions to Guide Syllabus Planning

The summer 2014 instructors' workshop discussed INTD 105 syllabi as reflections of the course's goals and philosophy. Leaders offered the following set of questions to consider while writing an INTD 105 syllabus. However, and not surprisingly, many of these questions really need to be considered from the very start of planning an INTD 105 section, not just when writing it up for students.

  • Do the course description, learning outcomes, etc. make clear that students are in a writing class? How so?
  • Does the book list include both a practical handbook and a how-to-write type of text?
  • Are there clear directions about what kinds of papers students are expected to write? What about information on formatting and documentation style?
  • Is there information on the syllabus about the Writing Center at Milne and about the availability of special accommodations should they be required?
  • From looking at the syllabus, can you tell how grammar is going to be taught in this course?
  • Are special days reserved for peer-editing? For library instruction?
  • Are there clear guidelines for a research paper?
  • Are there clear guidelines for when students are allowed to revise their papers?