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This passage occurs towards the end of the text, after Antoinette has been locked in the attic for some time. This passage first passively addresses the importance of the red colored dress in regards to Antoinette. As Antoinette's accountability as a narrator dwindles, this passage marks an important part to the novel. This passage leads to one of the most important questions about the text as a whole: is Antoinette really insane, or is she just creating her own level of saneness? At first glance, the passage makes it seem as though Antoinette has truly lost her mind due to her paranoia towards theoretical changes to her beloved red dress, where she thinks: "If they had changed it when I wasn't looking" (110). After further inspection, it becomes evident that the insanity that was perceived numerous times throughout the text is debatable during this moment. This question arising after Antoinette being locked in the attic ignites the thematic "craziness" that is readdressed numerous times throughout the end of the novel. This is important to the text as a whole because it helps understand the inner workings of characters as the reader struggles through the text.