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  1. To Install Spartan Student v.7, click here for Windows and here for Mac
  2. Download Spartan Student v.7
  3. From your downloads folder (or other default download location) run the Spartan installer.
  4. Read through the installer and follow the prompts.  The defaults should be sufficient for most everything, with the exception of the License Option page.
  5. When prompted to Select License Option, choose the Network option and click next.
  6. Accept the defaults to install the Sentinel HASP
  7. When prompted enter in the IP Address of your license server machine. The Geneseo License Server IP address for Spartan is
  8. That should complete your Spartan Setup.
  9. Students will need to be connected the the Geneseo Campus Network for Spartan to check out a license from the server.  This means either being on campus, or using VPN from off campus.

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