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I've successfully run TextSTAT in Mac OSmacOS, but it takes a little doing: you have to download the sourcecode (written in the Python programming language) and launch TextSTAT using another application, MacPython.

Fortunately, MacPython comes packaged with Mac OSmacOS, so you shouldn't have to download it separately. However, according to the TextSTAT website, you won't have success with versions of Python later than 2.6. When we get to the point in these instructions when it's time to use MacPython, you'll find advice on what to do if your version is too recent.


  1. Double-click the "New corpus" icon, name the corpus whatever you want ("Thoreau" in the video), click "Save," then click "OK" in the Python dialog that opens up.
  2. Now double-click the "Add local file" icon, navigate to the location of Walden on your hard drive, and click "Open." This will put the path to your Walden file in TextSTAT.
  3. Very deep breath. Double-click the "Show word frequencies" icon in TextSTAT. Voilà: you should see a list of all the words in Walden in order of frequency.

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