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Because of assessment results (cf. 2006-2007 MFAT results), the department was concerned about the performance of chemistry majors in organic chemistry both on the ACS standard exam administered at the completion of a two-semester course, typically taken in the sophomore year, and the retention of the topic upon exiting the program in their senior year as judged by the MFAT Organic subsection score.  Curricular changes to organic chemistry were made as a result, including a change in the course sequence that required all chemistry majors to take Chem 313 (Advanced Organic Chemistry Laboratory) during the second semester of the sophomore year.  This laboratory reinforces concepts that are covered in Chem 213 (Organic Chemistry II), effectively bringing the theory of the course to practice in the laboratory.  The relatively strong performance in the MFAT Organic subsection score for the 2008-2009 and 2009-2010 academics years suggests that the curricular changes in the organic chemistry sequence has had the desired effect.  We will continue to monitor this area.