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  • The department writing requirement is being shifted entirely into one course, Human Ecology, Anth 204, which will be re-numbered Anth 316.   The number of students taking Anth 201 has tailed off considerably, plus it is much more specialized than Anth 316.  By placing all of the department writing requirement in Anth 316 it will allow us to have a more uniform set of writing assignments.  Plus we will also benefit from linking the requirement to a course which has a major emphasis in sustainability.
  • Anth 105, which is used as the 100 level course for the comparative writing assessment will be re-instituted as a required course for every major.  This course will also be required as a pre-requisite of Anth 316.  Thus, writing in Anth 316 will build upon writing in Anth 105, INTD 105, 200 level courses - including the Humanities sequence, finishing with 300 level courses in the major which we will use for the writing assessment.
As a result of the 2017-2018 Assessment of Library Literacy, Anthropology is implementing a change to our program related to semester long research projects.  These changes are:
  •      Based on the results of our assessment of library literacy and the recommendations of Librarian Brandon West, we have decided to promote scaffolding research-based assignments. For example, this means having students turn in a list of sources or annotated bibliography, a draft thesis statement or research question, an outline, and then the final assignment. The goal in adopting this approach is to improve the quality of the student work because it will circumvent procrastination.