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Elena Kurz

Graphic Novels - Paper Abstract



            I've been thinking about three different things in terms of subjects for my paper.  The first, and one that I'm leaning towards the most, is looking at memoir as graphic novels.  I would use both Fun Home and Persepolis but I would also look for at least one or two other examples of memoir as graphic novels.  I would look at how the authors use this different medium to express their own stories, how it can enhance or express differently the author's story versus a more traditional prose form.  I would focus especially on how the words and images interact with each other within the work.

            The next possibility is looking at feminine imagery within comics.  I'm not sure which comics I would use specifically but I would definitely use Black Hole, it is actually the novel that gave me the idea for this topic because of the pervasive and repeating image of a slit (we all know what this looks like).  I think I would have look at the rest of the novels for the semester and maybe find a couple outside of class readings in order to develop a more specific area or this topic to write about, but I would be looking to direct it towards depictions and uses of feminine imagery in a sexual manner.

            The final topic that I am thinking of doing is to look at the manner and uses of illustration within graphic novels.  I'm thinking of using Persepolisas one that I would use and then possibly some later ones.  I feel like the comics are illustrated, stylistically, the way they are because it's the only way that the author can draw.  How the character's look, how the settings look, how the color or shading or lack of either is used, all of these things are conscious decisions used to tell the story a certain way.  Even if the words were the same, if the images were stylistically illustrated differently then the story itself would be different and have new meaning (even if the actual things being drawn were exactly the same, the stylistic choices would change everything.)  This topic is one that I am really interested in doing (and I guess I could sort of marry it somehow to the notion of memoir) but I don't know how to focus it or slim it down or go about it, so if I can't figure that out then I'm going to go with the memoir idea I think.