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    I'm really torn and confused about what I'm going to do for my final paper.  I've been going back and forth between possible ideas, all of which leave me even more confused.  However, after meeting with Cooper, I think I have a loose idea as to what I want to do, though any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    For the paper, I definitely want to explore a few aspects Watchmen that captured my interest and attention from the beginning and see how these are portrayed in the film adaptation.  For example, I stumbled upon an article online about the movie and it was discussed how Adrian's character is not as developed as he is in the novel.  This gave me the idea to see which aspects of the novel are either downplayed or lost in its translation to film.

    Something that I'm also thinking about would be exploring V for Vendetta since it's another graphic novel than Alan Moore created.  I have neither read the novel nor seen the movie adaptation, but obviously would for this paper.  While talking about Adrian in Watchmen as the mastermind behind the action, I would see if I could explore the same aspect in V for Vendetta, comparing how the two were treated in their film adaptations.

    In terms of looking at the translation of comic to film, this would also include a look at how the graphic novel Watchmen incorporates many cinematic elements, including zoom-outs and pan-outs and things of the sort.  These are incredibly important and effective in the comic, giving it a very movie-like feel visually.  I would focus on these elements and research their usage in films in general, then specifically both the literary and film versions of Watchmen, and if this occurs in V for Vendetta, then I would apply it to that as well.