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  • Drupal Web Content Management System (CMS)
    • Available to all departments, department sponsored organizations, and official student organizations.
    • Available to all faculty and staff for personal websites.
  • Campus Wiki -
    • Available to all departments, organizations, faculty, staff, and students.
    • Wiki Spaces can be requested for organizations and groups.
    • Individuals can have their own personal wiki space.
  • Google Sites are available to any organization or individual.
  • Geneseo-hosted WordPress sites may be used for:
    • Academic department or professional office blogs
    • Faculty or staff blogs (provided they relate to their position at the College or area of expertise)
    • Academic course blogs
    • Research project websites
    • Professional websites for faculty or staff (for information beyond what is on their faculty page on the Geneseo website, not to replace it)
    • Website for a recognized student organization
  • Personal Apache sites will no longer be provided unless warranted by an exception that strongly supports the college's mission.
    • Existing personal sites will be supported at this time.  We strongly encourage people to transition their web pages to the new solutions.
    • Sites that are granted an exception must have a compelling case to demonstrate the need based on college mission and inadequacy of alternative hosting solutions to support their purpose.
    • Anchor
      Requests for Personal Apache sites can be submitted to the CIT Web Development team via phone at 585-245-5577 or via email at


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