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The Collaborative Writing Project

The Collaborative Writing Project is a space to exchange ideas, share experiences, and ask questions about collaborative writing as a pedagogical and scholarly tool.

It is also a ring of associated spaces on the Geneseo wiki where users engage in collaborative writing connected to academic courses.

Spaces currently associated with the Collaborative Writing Project:

Paul Schacht launched the project in Fall 2005 as a free-standing wiki (using Mediawiki) at SUNY Geneseo. For the moment, it still lives at, but its contents are being gradually transfered to Geneseo's Confluence wiki.

Schacht contributed a chapter on the Collaborative Writing Project to Stewart Mader's wiki-book Using Wiki in Education, and gave a presentation on it at SUNY's 2007 Conference on Instructional Technologies.

A condition on Collaborative Writing Project pages in Confluence is that they cannot be restricted to usergroups. (See Geneseo's Wiki Policy.) However, a CWP page may carry an advisory that it is intended for the use of a particular course. Students are asked to respect such advisories, and faculty who post them are free to remove unwelcome contributions.

If you'd like a page created in one of the existing CWP spaces or have an idea for a new space, please contact schacht-at-geneseo-dot-edu. Ditto if you simply have a question about the project.

Hands in the CWP logo courtesy of doozzle.


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