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B.A. in Art History (Curriculum Map) (GLOBE Outcomes Map)Art History
Museum Studies


Learning Outcomes in Art History


  • Understanding of the methods art historians use to study works of art, including data collection, a survey of scholarly bibliography, assessment of arguments, creation of arguments, evaluation of evidenceUnderstanding of art historical methods of hypothesis development
  • Understanding of some major art historical concepts
  • Knowledge of art historical methods of interpretive analysis
  • Knowledge of some major art historical concerns
  • Demonstrate ability to interpret works of art by analyzing appropriate social, cultural, psychological and environmental aspects of the worksDemonstrate the ability to analyze and interpret works of art using the language of art criticism relevant to the art under study
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the contributions of significant art historians to the disciplineDemonstrate knowledge of major trends and movements that have shaped the debates of the history of art
  • Demonstrate use of the web-based databases of art history, such as the Bibliography of the History of ArtDemonstrate ability to use online indexical databases for finding scholarly sources (International Bibliography of Art, JStor, Bibliography of the History of Art)
  • Demonstrate the ability to develop arguments based on scholarly, peer-review sources
  • Demonstrate college-level, standard English writing abilityDemonstrate knowledge of specialized Art History vocabulary in a range of areas from Prehistoric to ContemporaryDemonstrate knowledge of methodological and historiographic approaches pertinent for the study of art (semiotics, iconography, formalism, feminism, etc)


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