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  1. Navigate to Software Center to select and install Oracle Java - 8u151 (Appworx)
  2. From the Windows Search button or start menu, search for Configure Java and open it to view the Java Control Panel.
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  3. When the Java Control Panel opens, select the Security tab, then click the button for Edit the Site List…
  4. When the Exception Site List window opens, click the Add button and type in ""
  5. Then click Ok
  6. When you get the warning "Including an HTTP Location on the Exception Site List is considered a security risk", click Continue
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  7. The tab should now look like this:
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  8. Click Ok and close the Java Control Panel
  9. You can now go to and click the Appworx button to download a Client.jnlp file to your desktop or a known location. 

  10. Navigate to the Client.jnlp file and double click on it

  11. You may receive the following warning, check the box for Do not ask again until the next update is available, then click Later
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  12. Appworx will now being begin to download and install.
  13. You may receive an additional security warning, check the box for I accept the risk and want to run this application, then click Run
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  14. You will eventually be presented with an Appworx login window
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  15. Once you have logged into Appworx, you can go into the Java Control Panel again to create a desktop shortcut to it.
  16. Again open the Java Control Panel and in the General tab, click on the View… button from the Temporary Internet Files section.
  17. A Java Cache Viewer window will appear, and should have the APWXPROD listed under the Application column.
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  18. Highlight this application and then click on the shortcut icon in this window’s toolbar. This will create a shortcut on your desktop that can be used to open the Appworx sign in window without needing to continually download the Client.jnlp file from